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Military Coating Ceramic - NanoCoat S12™

Military Coating Ceramic - NanoCoat S12™

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Introducing Military Coating Ceramic - NanoCoat S12™. A state-of-the-art, professional grade ceramic coating that combines a unique set of technologies designed to create a superior paint protection for vehicles. Born from military technology, this durable, long-lasting protective layer provides the highest levels of resistance against extreme temperatures and chemical damage while maintaining a sleek, glossy finish. It increases overall shine and color depth giving a vibrant look to your car. Plus it's hydrophobic properties make it easier to keep your car cleaner for much longer than traditional waxes or sealants. For convenience, every purchase includes one microfiber cloth and one professional applicator free of charge — allowing you to apply the Military Coating Ceramic - NanoCoat S12™ quickly and easily. With top notch performance and protection that lasts for years to come, Military Coating Ceramic - NanoCoat S12™ is the ideal choice for professionals as well as weekend warriors looking for the best results on their cars.

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