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Music Boxing Training Machine

Music Boxing Training Machine

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Experience the fusion of fitness and entertainment with the robust Boxing Wall Target. This compact and transportable device is designed for wall installation, making it perfect for both novice and expert boxers. Crafted with resilience in mind, it's made from high-quality PU leather and foam, offering a sleek, easy-to-clean surface and ensuring protection for your hands from injuries.

Elevate your workout sessions with its USB rechargeable music feature. This comes complete with an elegantly designed wall-mounted host, in-built speaker, and connection capabilities for your favorite tunes. Whether you're an office worker, a student in need of stress relief, or an athlete looking to hone your skills in boxing, sparring, kickboxing, or Wing Chun training, this versatile machine caters to all.

From weight loss to fitness sculpting, this machine has got you covered. For installation, the double-sided Velcro ensures a secure fit, while also being adjustable and child-friendly. Always remember to remove the EVA sticker when using Velcro for installation. Should you face any challenges, rest assured our after-sales service will promptly assist within 24 hours. Your journey to a fun-filled, musical, and active lifestyle begins here.

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