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Pregnancy Belt

Pregnancy Belt

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Explore the ultimate solution to pregnancy-related back pain and symphysis pubis discomfort with our Pregnancy Belly Belt. Crafted to offer essential support and relief during this special time, our high-quality belly belt gently conforms to your growing belly, alleviating pressure and preventing abdominal and back pain. Its versatility as a symphysis belt adds extra value by easing symphysis strain and discomfort. Wear it discreetly beneath clothing for practicality and comfort, enabling you to maintain an active lifestyle during pregnancy. Opt for our Pregnancy Belly Belt for unparalleled comfort and support throughout your pregnancy journey, ensuring a more pleasant experience for both you and your baby.


Material: 76% Polyester and 24% Elastane


  • S = 70cm - 100cm (Maximum Stretch)
  • M = 80cm - 110cm (Maximum Stretch)
  • L = 90cm - 120cm (Maximum Stretch)
  • XL = 100cm - 130cm (Maximum Stretch)
  • XXL = 110cm - 140cm (Maximum Stretch)

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