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Seat Heater 12v

Seat Heater 12v

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Keep warm this winter with the Seat Heater 12v from Pandabo! This product is designed to give you the comfort a warm car can provide without spending the extra money on purchasing an entire new vehicle. Utilizing an easily-installed 12v socket and a controller supplied in-package, these Seat Heaters will heat up in just two minutes for immediate warmth. The built-in fuse ensures the pads are always safe to use, giving you extra peace of mind as you enjoy your cozy seat. In addition, Seat Heater 12v provides 10-15 days delivery time due to its direct collaboration with suppliers – so it’s easy and affordable to get cozy on those cold winter days! Don't forget: sold in pairs of 2! Get ready for maximum comfort when temperatures start dropping with the Pandabo Seat Heater 12v.

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